Great Open day today................ a lot of families and interested students visited the Emergent Photonics Lab.

 Thanks to Jacob for the big help!




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An aluminum-based terahertz (THz) wire grid polarizer is theoretically investigated and experimentally demonstrated on a subwavelength thin flexible and conformal foil of the
cyclo-olefin Zeonor polymer. THz time-domain spectroscopy characterization, performed on both flat and curved configurations, reveals a high extinction ratio between 40 and 45 dB in the 0.3–1 THz range and in excess of 30 dB up to 2.5 THz. The insertion losses are lower than 1 dB and are almost exclusively due to moderate Fabry–Perot reflections, which vanish at targeted frequencies. The polarizer can be easily fabricated with low-cost techniques such as roll-to-roll and/or large-area electronics processes and promises to open the way for a new class of flexible and conformal THz devices.

The original publication can be found here.

Great Open day today................ about 8 MSc candidates visited the Photonics Lab (edit: now the lab is officially named Emergent Photonics Lab)

Thanks to Maxwell Rowley (MSc in our research team) for giving his unique perspective on the matter to future collegues.

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Time for a group Photo

Time for a group photo