M. Shalaby, M. Peccianti, D. G. Cooke, C. P. Hauri and R. Morandotti, “Temporal and spectral shaping of broadband terahertz pulses in a photoexcited semiconductor”, Applied Physics Letters, 106, 051110 (2015)

Transmission through a photoexcited semiconductor is used to temporally and spectrally shape a terahertz (THz) pulse. By adjusting the optical pump-THz probe delay, we experimentally introduce a polar asymmetry in the pulse profile as large as 92%. To shape the spectrum, we apply the same technique after strongly chirping the terahertz pulse. This leads to significant reshaping of the spectrum resulting in a 52% upshift of its median value. The pulse shaping techniques introduced here are of particular importance for temporal and spectral shape-sensitive THz nonlinear experiments.

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