A. Tomasino, A. Mazhorova, M. Clerici, M. Peccianti, S.-P. Ho, Y. Jestin, A. Pasquazi, A. Markov, X. Jin, R. Piccoli, S. Delprat, M. Chaker, A. Busacca, J. Ali, L. Razzari, and R. Morandotti, "Solid-state-biased coherent detection of ultra-broadband terahertz pulses," Optica 4(11), 1358 (2017).


Marco Peccianti introduces the Emergent Photonics Lab offer for MSc projects. We seek young scientists to join the THEIA project and the upcoming ERC project TIMING.

Induction Week

 Today Summer School at the Emergent Photonics Lab !!

Thanks to Jackie Grant (convener of the summer school), and thanks to Jacob Tunesi (in the picture explaining some secrets of femtosecond lasers), Benjamin Werzel and Alessia Pasquazi.




Thanks to THEIA for the support.





L. Peters, J. Tunesi, A. Pasquazi, and M. Peccianti, "Optical Pump Rectification Emission: Route to Terahertz Free-Standing Surface Potential Diagnostics," Scientific Reports 7(1), 9805 (2017).
Scientific Reports

Marco Peccianti gave a webinar about engaging the the Master programme at the University of Sussex and choosing Science as career of choice.

The link to the session can be found here.